What should care providers be doing to attract more staff? Key takeaways from a recruitment seminar at the Care Show. 


  • Sam Hussain, Founder & CEO – Log my Care
  • Charles Armitage, CEO – Florence
  • Adam Hutchison, CEO – Belmont Healthcare Group
  • Jade Phillips, Head of Marketing – Log my Care
  • Mark Topps, Director and Co-Founder – The Caring View

First impressions


Focus on the candidates’ experience in the recruitment process. Right now there is record low employment which means there is huge competition for people across different sectors. Every person you are interested in is going to be securing interviews elsewhere too – it is crucial that you highlight clearly why you should be the candidates’ first choice.

Conversation should cover development opportunities, professional responsibilities, and the wonderful surrounding team, etc. Be positive, exciting, and send out the important message behind why working in care is a positive thing to do.

Positive image

Channel a positive message about what working in care, and at your business, entails. Update your website frequently, and make sure you are seen as an innovative, forward thinking company.

Shout about how special care is. It’s not just stacking shelves somewhere, it is highly rewarding and important role that helps changes lives.


Many job advertisements searching for carers can be long winded, lengthy, and lacking in creativity. Show your business off and try framing things in a more exciting, positive light with hard punchy headlines such as; “Would you like to take someone swimming? Would you like to be paid to go out for lunch? Change a vulnerable person’s life today.”

Outside the box

Increasing recruitment into the care sector will come from reaching into other industries around us. How are other sectors attracting their staff? Where do they find people? By bringing different ideas into care recruitment, providers will stand in a much stronger position to bring in new talent.

Attract the new generation

As the years roll-by, Gen Z are asking different things of their employers when compared to Millennials and other generations. Employers need to think openly about how to reach them as, ultimately, this can be done in different ways now.

Use social media platforms to showcase who you are. Position yourselves as fun, exciting, and innovative as these crucial factors are exactly what Gen Z are searching for.


Flexibility is key and a highly sought after work pro. Whether candidates have children, other jobs, or other commitments, being able to adhere to this increases your chances of successful recruitment intensely as many people search for this benefit above anything else.

Leaver’s interviews                                                                  

Always ensure you focus on finding out why a staff member has decided to leave your business. There could be wider issues at bay that you need to address, which once aware of and changed, could not only increase recruitment chances, but allow you to better retain too.

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