An average of 8% of staff in nursing homes are unavailable for work due to COVID-19, an NHI survey has revealed.

The snapshot survey indicates that around 2,800 personnel are absent due to the virus across the country.

Private and voluntary nursing homes told the NHI that additional shifts and hours are being worked to cover for absences and ensure appropriate care is provided.


Tadhg Daly, NHI CEO, (pictured) said: “Once again staff within our nursing homes have been placed under intense pressure because of COVID-19 and have stepped up to their efforts to ensure residents are provided with excellent care.

“Nursing homes provide person-centered, specialised care on a 24/7 basis and this continues to be achieved in the face of adversity. Staff have endured an extremely difficult two years and very severe pressures continue to present. A huge debt of gratitude is owed towards staff in nursing homes for their outstanding dedication and commitment to care for the most dependent and frail in society.”

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