Nursing home residents are facing extra weekly fees of around €100 in addition to Fair Deal payments, research has found.

Research published by the Irish Independent found that residents pay additional fees for services such as social activities, incontinence wear and therapies.

Nursing homes say they have no choice but to charge for the extra services not covered under the Fair Deal scheme.


New figures show the weekly cost of care in a private nursing home averaged around €950 but care in an HSE home ranged from €1,242 to more than €2,000.

Nursing Homes Ireland has said the HSE pays more for Fair Deal residents in public homes while private operators are confined to the National Treatment Purchase Fund.

The HSE published its annual updated cost of providing care in its public residential care centres for older people on Friday.

The cost of care has been increased by 1.4% from €1,674 per week in 2021 to €1,698 per bed per week in 2022.

A spokesperson said: “This 1.4% increase is influenced by pay increases provided under the Lansdowne Road Agreement (funded separately to NHSS funds allocated within the HSE Service Plan 2022).

“These costs apply to the operating costs of providing care in these centres. They do not relate to the amount a person will pay towards their care under the Nursing Homes Support Scheme (Fair Deal).”

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