A 75 year-old-man with 200 previous convictions has been jailed for three months following a sexual assault in a care home in Northern Ireland.

Alexander Reynolds was convicted at Belfast Magistrates Court for assaulting another resident at a home on 22 February.

The Commissioner for Older People for Northern Ireland, Eddie Lynch, said he was deeply shocked that a person with 200 previous convictions should have been able to stay in a care home with vulnerable residents.


Mr Lynch said: “This should not have happened, especially given this man’s history of convictions, presumably, would have been well documented and known to the authorities.  A care home should provide a safe and protected environment for its residents and in this case, a resident has been badly let down.  

“I will be making enquiries with the Trust to ascertain how this was allowed to happen and what additional measures were put in place to ensure the added protection of those residents.  The Trust and the care home provider are responsible for the safeguarding of all residents placed by them in care homes. They have questions to answer around the failure to protect the victim in this case.”

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