Riverbrook Nursing and Respite Care in Castleconnell, County Limerick is facing potential closure.

A spokesperson for the home told the Limerick Leader yesterday it had been under “considerable pressure in recent years, partly due to the COVID-19 pandemic and also due to trading and regulatory pressures”.

The spokesperson added: “Riverbook has entered into a collective consultancy period with its staff and informed residents and their families of the situation and the possibility of closure of the nursing home with the potential loss of all jobs and relocation of all residents – many of whom are long term and highly dependent.


“Throughout the entirety of the pandemic the staff demonstrated the utmost strength and resilience keeping Riverbrook COVID free while providing 24 hour care to the residents who were immensely affected by lockdown restrictions.”

Management of the home, which has 22 residents and 31 staff, are liaising with staff, residents, HIQA and other providers in the area.

The spokesperson said Riverbrook continued to “trade as normal with the continuing utmost care of our residents”.

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