The first results from a new national survey surrounding the experience of Ireland’s social care service users and their families have been published, showing a positive response from most involved.

Nine in 10 residents reported a positive experience, based on the more than 700 who were surveyed.

Of these 60.5% had a ‘very good’ experience, 29.8% a ‘good’ experience and 9.6% a ‘poor’ one.


Some aspects that were associated with positive responses included:

  • Confidence and trust in the staff who cared for them;
  • Staff being knowledgeable about the care and support they needed;
  • Staff checking in with them to see if they needed anything.

On the flipside, factors in someone giving a negative response included:

  • Not liking the food served;
  • Not having a staff member to talk to about their worries and fears;
  • Not being as involved as they wanted to be in decisions about their care and support.

The results were similar when it came to the survey of 943 relatives and friends, with 87% responding positively.

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